What ‘Til Death Means to Me

‘Til Death forever changed the way I thought about filmmaking.  That may sound like a massive comment, especially for a short film, but it’s true.  This is because it served as my introduction to crowdfunding.

I instantly fell in love with crowdfunding, not just due to its ability to raise money, but more so because of how it can help you to connect with your audience directly from the start. I tend to make genre movies, but they’re always personal stories. So why not be personal from the very beginning?  This is what makes the movie and the experience that much more rewarding for everyone. And that kind of personal engagement is, from ‘Til Death on, what I truly want to keep doing.

Here’s our pitch video (and the original campaign page), which helped us raise just enough to make it just right:

‘Til Death played in several film festivals, and was named Best Short in three of them. Through these and other fests, I’ve managed to meet many talented filmmakers of like minds and interests, and several of these people I have worked with on projects since. I’ve also continued to be in touch with many of my Kickstarter backers, friends both old and new. I’m thrilled to have been able to give something that they’d like in some small way, and I am looking forward to being able to do that again.

If you’d like to read more about the production or ‘Til Death’s background, please visit our official site.  Thanks.



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