What Subject Two Means to Me

Subject Two is my crowning achievement and will forever be among my favorite filmmaking experiences.  With my good friends Dean Stapleton, Christian Oliver, Rich Confalone, and just a few others, we trekked high atop the Rockies and holed ourselves up in a remote cabin with no electricity, no running water, waist-deep snow, and the most amazing scenery you will ever find. Free of the noise and distractions that plague all filmmakers, we made ourselves a good little smart horror movie. We had a great time, too — and truth be told, if we had stayed with traditional filmmaking methods, we never would have made the film in the first place. It would have been too complex and too stupid. But we’re independent filmmakers, and this is what we do.

Our efforts paid off.  We had the honor of being accepted into Sundance, where it played well to strong crowds and secured global distribution in a time when global distribution was still something to be secured. We hit the big brass ring with this one – We made a movie on our own. It resonated with people. It did well financially. But most importantly, to this day people still reach out with warm words about how much this movie means to them.

It’s a good feeling.

If you’d like to know more details about the production, there are extensive notes on our our movie’s original site.

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