‘Til Death

After the death of his wife, a grieving man contracts an extreme case of sympathy sickness, and decomposes as if he were dead himself.

What if you love someone so much, you feel what they feel even after they die?
A hauntingly romantic tale of love and all its horrors.

Til Death Dragon*Con Laurels Til Death New Orleans Horror Film Festival Laurels
Til Death Pollygrind Laurels
  • BEST SHORT FILM, BEST HORROR: Dragon*Con Film Festival
  • BEST SHORT FILM, BEST DIRECTOR: Pollygrind Underground Film Festival
  • BEST SHORT FILM: New Orleans Horror Film Festival
  • OUTSTANDING SURREAL CINEMA:  Sacramento International Film Festival
Katherine Celio in 'Til Death Ramon de Ocampo in 'Til Death
Ramon de Ocampo and Johnny Giacalone in 'Til Death Til Death