Coming Soon

As everyone else, many many many projects to do. Here are a few of note.

This Man Must DieThis Man Must Die.

Feature Thriller co-written w/ Stuart Thomas
2014 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

A dark drama about justice and redemption, this killer thriller is told from the varying perspectives of the victims of an escaped murderer seeking to avenge the death of a mental patient he loved.


Open BookOpen Book

Feature Screenplay – Romantic Drama
2013 Table Read My Screenplay – Austin 

When an author accidentally kills himself, his young widow discovers love letters he had written to someone else, and sets out to find the mysterious mistress that had captured her husband’s heart.



I am Fartacus!

Kids Novel — co-written with my son.
A superhero fantasy from the son who knows best.

When 6th grader Steve Stankey gets hit by a gaseous comet, he turns into Fartacus! A superhero with extreme flatulence who saves the day from weirdos everywhere.  Trust us. It’s actually really funny.

More to come!  Stay tuned…