About Philip

Director of Subject Two, 'Til Death, and other funky fare. Moviemaker and all around crowdfunding enthusiast.

What Your Good Friend Means to Me

I am the executive producer of Your Good Friend, which was written and directed by my good friend Matthew Jacobs (The Emperor’s New Groove, Doctor Who, Paperhouse). It is a wonderful movie, full of heart, humor, charm, and pathos.  It provocatively explores the role of friendship in our lives, as well as the nature of grief, […]

What ‘Til Death Means to Me

‘Til Death forever changed the way I thought about filmmaking.  That may sound like a massive comment, especially for a short film, but it’s true.  This is because it served as my introduction to crowdfunding. I instantly fell in love with crowdfunding, not just due to its ability to raise money, but more so because of how it can help you to connect […]

What Subject Two Means to Me

Subject Two is my crowning achievement and will forever be among my favorite filmmaking experiences.  With my good friends Dean Stapleton, Christian Oliver, Rich Confalone, and just a few others, we trekked high atop the Rockies and holed ourselves up in a remote cabin with no electricity, no running water, waist-deep snow, and the most amazing scenery […]